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The next release on Nanel is here. “Boomerang” is definitely a drifting composition with no dramatic expansion. The piece’s structure is developing in a soothing manner, leaving enough time to adapt to every part of it. Methodical kicks are coated with layers of immersive sound combinations, beaming into a different dimension. A side with it’s enthralling designation is the beginning of a ethereal journey through the sonic theatre of this record.

The hypnotic effect of “Necontenit” comes in force as soon as the shadowy chords are making their appearance and emerges into an actual story that can be told in words but we will leave that to you. Side B is pollinated with some dub elements, reminding of early P.Laoss and making the whole experience richer emotionally. It’s one of those pieces that belong more to bedroom listening rather than noisy outside ones. Nanel is an ocean of music where listeners can float.

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